Build JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube, day 2

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Back on second day of the build, I forget to mention on little thing there is a different from the normal Frenzy you can set it up as a flybarless (FBL) out of the box, you just need all the electronics.

Back to the build, the tail and the servos are mounted and now I just need to setup the governor and gyro and the RX/TX.

I did notice one think do, a torque tube is very easy to mount compared to the belt driven, not a big problem but then again, and it is nice when it is easy.

The only think I had to do extra today was drill the tail like with the first version, read about it here

Some status pictures:


When mounting the tail link it is a good thing to adjust the length for link so the link arms are at a 90 degrees angle that way you are almost sure that the helicopters tail is correct adjusted, and not pirouetting.

I got some other new stuff to, i will write about: Team Orion VDS 1007 servo, use them for my cyclic and a new OS 91HZ-R engine i can’t wait to smack that engine around. :)

Build JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube, day 1

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I just started on building the new JS Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube (TZ V2 TT), unbelievable long name :) from now on it is just going to be called JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube.

This is the status after one night of build, read on to see some of the findings I have made after the first day.

The overall impression is good the new TT is almost like the old Frenzy, except the tail of course. The model comes half pre assembled that is a good thing, that way you know everything is in the box because it is assembled, but you still need to perform some work.
I have taken a chance on this model, I am not going to check all screws if there are glued with locktit, I have checked some and they seem like they are all well bolted, I am going the see if that is a problem after the first couple of flights.

Some of the things I have found not to be optimal for the Frenzy TT version:

The bottom plate two of the holes was not aligned correct a little Dremel and that was solved.


The main shaft lock ring was difficult to fit on the main shaft.


And the clutch linen was changes like on the first Frenzy.

Keep your Eyes open for the next update :)

Just got a JS Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube (TZ V2 TT)

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I just got a sweet deal on the new and improved Frenzy 90, called the Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube (TZ V2 TT), keep your eyes open for a review of this model the next couple of days.

But first here is a quick post inspection of the “old” JS Frenzy 90 (TZ V2).
I have sold the Frenzy 90 and in the process I had to disassembly some of the model, a great opportunity to inspect for possible wear and tear. Here are my findings. This is a inspection after a yeas flight.


  • No slope, or very little
  • Still felt like a stabile machine in flight
  • No unwanted wear on any parts of the helicopter
  • Cons

  • Tail belt needs to be changed
  • Maybe some of the links should consider changing
  • Conclusion of the JS Frenzy 90
    Considering that this model is extremely cheap and looking at the state of the machine after a years flight I am very impressed, compared to the more expensive model there are nothing out of the ordinary with the Frenzy 90. And that is a big plus. My overall impression has been good flight and I was really happy with this model.

    Check out some goodbye pictures of the old JS Frenzy 90

    And some hello pictures of the new JS Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube, more will come the next couple of days.

    Final review of the TZ-V2 Frenzy 90

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    Now i finally got the review of the new Frenzy don, please have a look for an in-depth review of this great model.

    As you properly can remember from some of my previous post, i have had some problems with my engine running warm, but you can solved that problem, just by changing all the fuel tubs on the Frenzy, specially the tubs in the thanks was very thin and seemed to be a big problem for my engine. But the model is flying great now.

    My starter engine finally died on my and i have to get a new one, i have concidering getting the Align but word is that the Align super starter (ASS) is not perfect for a 90 size engine and that is why i am getting a Dynatron 120 starter


    First flight with JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2

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    I was at the field today and finally the flight went as planed, i had some engine tuning issues last time, but with a reset of the needles that problem was slowed, i set the needles at 2 turns out, both needles.

    And the the flight was on, my Idl 1 is set to 1550 Rpm and my Idl 2 i set to 1750 Rpm, i was manly flying in Idl 1 today, it is amazing what stuns you can pull with 1550 Rpm’s on the head, tic-toc i no problem. The model was flying perfect, i still need to fine tune my gyro, i have slow tail wage when i do fast pitch input, the Spartan Gyro is working great and i esspecialy like the fact that the piro-rate is constant and the tail is rock-solid.

    This is a mix of two small videos i have made, with the camera laying on a table, there was no others then me at the field today :( sorry.

    Scroll down to see some more pictures of the new canopy, the colors are great i can easily see the model in the air.


    The rest of the JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2 pictures are here