Morfar kicking, at the PB Smackdown

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Here is Jørn aka morfar(grandpa) I was talking with him minutes before this video was shot, and he was telling me that he was missing some real pitchbrother action and he should know, because he is a real pitchbrother, morfar decided to step-up and show some real PB action, but as you can see not all pitchbrother action will succeed.

Check the video

Before :




Happy holidays

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A little late, I know. But hey I am a busy man these days, I started on a new job the first of December. Like all new jobs you need to show you can work. At least in the beginning :)

Didn’t get any helicopter stuff from Santa, but I got a cool wallet if you are a fan of Pulp fiction.

If you don’t know what to do with you time off from work, and you can’t fly like me because of the weather, then have a look at this. A petty cool Action Man and Barbi story about assembling a helicopter, and other important stuff :)

Action man and barbi helicopter adventure

Click the picture to get the complete story.

What’s up for new years? ……………. comming up soon :)