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Why, what, and how!!! Why would you like to fly in the winter season?

Why, if you are a true addicted RC model freak, you have to fly. There is no Chance that you can wait 4 month to you next stick time, NO WAY you can wait that long.

What, you can fly everything you like, I have heard that the electric model have some performance demoted because of the cold temperature.

How, LOTS AND LOTS of clothes, and some gloves or a transmitter bag/glove, your biggest enemy is if your fingers start to freeze, and you can’t feel your stick, trust my I have crashed because I could not feel the stick because I was freezing. My rule of thumb so to speak. If you start freezing in your little finger, stop flying.

I was out flying the other day with a friend, and I stop in a middle of a tank, because I started to freeze in my fingers.

See a video of Per flying here, the video is shaking a bit because I am frizzing. :)