Video Alpine Heli Smackdown 2009

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Some videos are starting to surface from the Alpine Heli Smackdown 2009, and what an event it must have been, i just got my fingers in to this great video where a MS Heli Protos gets some serious beating by Tareq Alsaadi, he is really serious about the beating.

And here is another one where a T-Rex gets some beating by Tareq Alsaadi.

Check out some extra information about Tareq Alsaadi here

Videos from last years Alpine Heli Smackdown 2009

And some more about AHS2008

Alpine Heli Smackdown new videos

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Just found some new videos from Alpine Heli Smackdown. With Danish pilots flying very good.
First, there is Krunder on of the founders of The Pitchbrothers

Next Sebastian Duus(14Y) really cracking that heli, and you can hear his father/mechanic in the background gasping for his breath every time Sebastian flies a bit too low.