Good progress

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At the moment the pilot locator are exploding with new users and that is thanks to, the pilot locator was mention on, with the result of a lot of new registrations. Thanks Derrick.

Next the new Nokia theme i made for my new 6700 not so long ago, has great success with 788 download from

I am happy with progress in 2009 and i am hoping for a good progress in 2010 too.

If you would like to jump on the new trend go register on

If i don’t catch you later, heres is a merry Christmas and a heli new year from

Mid air crash

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Look at this sad sad video, a good rc helicopter pilot smacking that heli like he is suppose to, when a airplane gets in his way, a nice video with catastrophic results, look at the last part for the video.

Please take your time to register on the pilot locator search for your city, click on your location, and write your name, email and other stuff, your registration is don.