Wild West Smackdown

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Check out this great video from the Wild West Smackdown Denmark 2008.

The Pitchbrother Society hosted; what seems to be a great weekend. I am sure that they were having there fun, I have seen some pictures that I can’t show on my blog do to parental adversary.

I hope I can get to this event next year.

Stop hacking

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My blog has just been a victim of a hacker attack, I feel violated.

It’s seems like I have stop the bastard or bastards, but you can never be sure with this type of people. To think that there is a guy somewhere out there at the end of the wire, hacking my site, adding stupid useless pharmacy links and other useless stuff, it’s pathetic. I hope it’s worth the money, if you get any.

Well the hacker is checkmate for now, and I hope it will stay that way.

On the Heli note, the flying is going great and I am practicing the 8 maneuvers for the competition a week from now, they are not that great yet, but it can’t be perfect.

Wish me luck with the competition and the hackers.