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It is undeliverable how fast the development of small electric helicopter is, first Align started to have great success with small electric helicopter, and now there are several companies trying to get a bite of the electric helicopter marked.

I am personaly not hooked on electric helicopter yet, but at the last helibatic one of the pilot there just got a small Hurricane Gaui 200 and he could not stop fly that thing, he really had fun with it, hell he even entered one of the competition rounds with it.

Well here is a video with the pilot flying the Gaui 200 around, and he did control that helicopter quiet well as you can see.

Maybe I should get one of them small ones, just for the fun of it, one of the great things about the Gaui is the extreme cheap battery packs.

Read a review here

The video is spiced with some funny Danish humor rap called Humle Ridderne