PhoenixRC V3 Beta review

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Just installed the new beta version of the PhoenixRC V3

Just installed the new beta version of the PhoenixRC V3, I must say it is great to have a product that has updates that often I have had Phoenix for about 2 years and ones again there is a free update in the works.

With some nice new features.

Now you can get a flybareless helicopter, you can see the flybars missing in the graphics that is nice. There are some new fields and aircrafts. Finally I am not sure about this but I think they have improved the water it is very cool in the new version, check out this video for some of the new features.

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Test Phoenix v2.5 public BETA

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Now the new Beta is out, and you can download at test it. In the weekend at helibatic I just got at sneak peek of the new version from Phoenix, and I just tested one thing cut grass, yes in the new version of Phoenix you can cut grass, the Pitchbrothers is setting the standards for the helicopter world :)

Check out the video where I cut grass, and check out the wireless setup for the PC, cool right, I have no idea how you convert it to wireless, but a very nice feature.

Read the news from Phoenix and download from there site.

Phoenix version 2.00.g BETA network test

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I have been upgrading my Phoenix for days now, the Phoenix headquarters seem to be working day and night to get the best version 2.00 up and running, and it going well, right now there is a version 2.00.g BETA available from there site.

Some of the changes I have seen is that the graphic is even more efficient. Now I can run Phoenix in the highest graphic details and highest resolution on my Dell d830, and that is pretty good.

I have been testing the multiplayer solution as well, and thats a bit better too it seem, you can’t really get rid of all lacking because that depends on the other players connected to the server, but it was working good when I tried it out, here you can see a screen shot from earlier this night. Click on the picture to see the graphics.

The Phoenix version 2.00 beta G

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