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Recently my son had his birthday, and what to get a 6 year old boy, he has everything like his sister, a well known problem for parents this days. Well of course it had to be some RC stuff, but not something flying. I got it, an RC Car, but instead of going to the local toy store, I went to the local RC online store to get a buggy for the same amount of money you can pay for a RC car in the toys store. But the real RC car you can replace part when you break them, and then it can drive almost 35 km/h and driving on grass is no problem, not like the ones from the toys store that can’t drive on grass.

Well a new world open for me :) the RC cars are really cool to, check out some videos here

This is a video with RC cars flying over a RC Helicopter

This is a cool video, where they jump high, they get stuck at the roof 4-5 meter up :) cool