Free episode of SmackTalk R/C

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Yes we got the chance to see some SmackTalk for free, after i asked for a free episode of SmackTalk we got it :) it is Christmas.

No talk just watch, it is in 4 episodes:

Go to for more clips.

Smack talk for free

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RunRyder just made this funny video with Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts, this is a funny video because they talk a lot of smack, don’t event watch the flight, just listen to the smack talk.

Would you like to hear more smack talk from Bobby and Bert, check out there videos here

Bobby Watts flight and interview

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You just have to check this video out from the Orlando Heli Blowout 2009, Bobby flying and doing a interview at the same time, that is cool, nice auto at the end. Merry Christmas.