Good trailer video from PB Smack

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Okay has just created a very good video from the Pitchbrother smackdown 2010, check out this great edited video from

Aerial photo from Pitchbrother smackdown 2010

No Gravatar was at the Pitchbrother smackdown testing out a new drone for aerial photo, the drone is GPS controlled and can hover in one location while the pilot is looking at the screen on the ground for the best picture.

Here is one image from the click on the pictures to see the rest of the images

Aerial photo from pitchbrother smackdown

Great aerial photo that shows the complete flight line, click on the photo to get a full screen navigation.

Aerial photo from Pitchbrother smackdown 2010

And here is a top down photo, click on the photo to get a full screen navigation.

A top down aerial photo from Pitchbrother smackdown 2010

Pitchbrother Smackdown 2010 video collection

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Okay now all the videos are starting to show, and some great video you have to see. And i can inform you that there will be a Pitchbrother smackdown again next year 2011, can’t wait for that to happen.

The first video is a trailer video from great video watch it, PB Smack must be the only RC helicopter event in the world with a stripper :) watch the video.

Next one is with Tom-Erik you now the guy from Norway, and ones again he as got a great trick on his Helicopter, night flair on a heli no way, yes way.

And the rest is just a the best of the video online at the moment check out the video of Sebastian with a stick cam and a great crash at the end. From

Jason Bell at the PitchBrother Smackdown 2010 from

And Lukas Riva at the Pitchbrother Smackdown 2010 from

Check out the great picture with a windmill in the back :) that is Denmark

Great picture from rcheliresources

Hope to see you next year.

Pitchbrother Smackdown video 2010, night flying

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Now the video is up, you really have to check this great night flying out, two guys making the crowed wild. They a banging there landing skids on the ground resulting in broking landing skids, how do you land a helicopter with no landing gear ? Watch the video, kids don’t try this a home they are highly professional rc helicopter pilots.

Teaser Pitchbrother smackdown video 2010

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Get to the Pitchbrother smackdown 2010 this weekend, it is going to be awesome, there is a video from last year 2009, fun flying all weekend

It is here

For more information look here