Change of plans

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Well a fellow pilot read my blog the other day, and he could not cope with me driving all the way in my little Fiat 127, and ask me if I would like a ride, we hooked up and now we are one the way, to what we hope is going to be a kick ass weekend. Thanks to Finn

The car is packed.
the car (ford)
the car (ford)

Alpine Heli Smackdown good event

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I have not been there myself, sorry to say, but I have heard from some of the pitchbrother members that it was I great event, one of the best events they have ever been to.

The pitchbrother was not blessed with luck this weekend as you can read from their blog. A new invention something called a T-Wreck.

I have been searching for some videos from Alpine Smackdown, not that many yet, but I hope to see more soon. Nevertheless, one think I can see from the few video on the net, what a great view, that is a good-looking scenery.

I wonder if he cannot fly any higher (Lukas Riva) :)

This is Dario flying

click image to see pictures from the pitchbrothers
Alpine heli smackdown

If you find any more videos, please feel free to post a comment with a link to the video here, thanks.

Dominik Cracking the Bitch

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While we are still waiting for the video updates from :) check out this cracking flight from Dominik Hägele, with a nice tree cutting

Rumors are that we can expect an interview of the Pitchbrothers at MHM, only because they got beer for doing the interview. Can’t wait to see how serious that is going to be :)