New painted canopy

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The new fashion a painted canopy, yes you need a painted canopy that is the new thing, but every body can get mass produced painted canopy’s, but get you own design it is not for everybody. But i found the guys to make a custom painted canopy for me, with my logo on. this is the sketch that started the custom painted canopy.
My JS Frenzy 90 is really ready for flying this weekend. And the final result:

Now for the creators, if you would like a custom painted canopy, those guys can help Rex Mundi Industries and you can get a tattoo while you wait :)
Rex Mundi custom painted canopy

RC heli canopy lamp

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Two reasons to get a new canopy

1. To have a new painted canopy
2. Get a new lamp in the man cave

When I can´t fly my mind gets board, and when my mind gets bored I get funny ideas. That is when I got a funny idea to make my current canopy in to a ceiling lamp, forget about the IKEA lamp, homemade canopy lamp that is what we need.

Here is a picture just an example, just create a hole for the wire at the tip of the canopy, and then you have a cool lamp for the man cave.

RC helicopter Canopy lamp

Costume painted canopy

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For some time now I have been wishing for a costume painted canopy, for two reasons, one is to see the helicopter better on the sky, and the other is to get my logo on my helicopter, in some nice graffiti style letters. I cannot do anything with a paintbrush myself. Because I don’t have a paintbrush. Therefore, I have been search on the net for people that can help me out with this. Here is what I found.

Here is the big company that sells “standard” paint brushed canopys not really what I would use because of my demands for having a costume canopy, with my logo on.

What you need to do is find some local guy that can handle a paint brush, and then ask/pay him to do it, that way you will have a truly costume painted canopy, check out this local Danish guys result :

Click on the image to get a Google translation of his site
Costume canopy with hemp plant

That is a nice job, really good looking.