Fun at the beach

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I just saw these two incredibly funny videos from an RC geek, he can really figure out how to use his RC skills into something positive, use 10 minutes to watch the two videos it is absoult something you’re going to laugh about and a little bit envious on the geek :)

Have fun

Next part

What did i tell you :)

Not about RC

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And then again a little RC relevant. Just found this great site from a ball bearings company.

How can you sell a ball bearing it is kind of a boring product, but Acer Racing should get a 10 for trying, this is a great attempt of making the ball bearings a sexy product. :)

A nice attempt of selling a ball bearing.

Check out the rest of the chicks at i think they are selling ball bearings too :)

Nice bearing :)

New image gallery

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I have just been working on a new picture galley for, this is a huge improvement compared to the old image gallery, i have embedded the images in the page, to make it look nice, really hope you like it feel free to leave a comment if you do. The complete gallery you can find here

A little taste

Buy my Fiat 127

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Now it is time, time to say goodbye to a small car and say hello to a new. I am selling my Fiat 127 from 1976, this is the car i have been using for transporting my Helicopter to the flying field.

Here is some details about the car:
Fiat 127 from 1976, 3 doors, 0,9 ccm engine, it has been driving 57000km, just had a huge restoration, new breaks, new panels, new ignition system, gearbox, new tires, oil and filters are changed. Scroll down for price, first some pictures.

For more pictures click here

The price 23000 Dkr, and if you export it from Denmark you get some refund from the Danish tax, i am not sure how much, but we can investigate if your interested.

Any questions write a comment.

Here is a link to a Danish ad

RC helicopter with cars jumping over.

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Recently my son had his birthday, and what to get a 6 year old boy, he has everything like his sister, a well known problem for parents this days. Well of course it had to be some RC stuff, but not something flying. I got it, an RC Car, but instead of going to the local toy store, I went to the local RC online store to get a buggy for the same amount of money you can pay for a RC car in the toys store. But the real RC car you can replace part when you break them, and then it can drive almost 35 km/h and driving on grass is no problem, not like the ones from the toys store that can’t drive on grass.

Well a new world open for me :) the RC cars are really cool to, check out some videos here

This is a video with RC cars flying over a RC Helicopter

This is a cool video, where they jump high, they get stuck at the roof 4-5 meter up :) cool