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Well i am without a working helicopter at the moment, what to do, what to do, update the gallery :) here you go:

RC Chicks

Beautiful ladies with RC equipment, car, plane and helicopter the pictures says it all.

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user4093pic102151288061.jpg 4470_1098697426065_1185528272_30334888_7018201_n.jpg Model-MD500.jpg Optimized-DSC01017.JPG Model-550E 800x600.jpg 28337_10150355535360001_501285000_12463864_421938_n.jpg Garduno7.jpg helibutt.jpg OTS.jpg ept_sports_oly_experts-315678947-1265745725.jpg DSCF3092.jpg Nelly_Furtado_E_Say_It_Right_02_orig.jpg IMG_0003.jpg 2eplg0k.jpg Model-Tandem.jpg Raptor-30-Model.jpg DSC_1003_700.jpg DSC_0980_700.jpg DSC_0240_700.JPG DSC_0968-2_700.jpg DSC_0963-2_700.jpg DSC_0962_700.jpg DSC_0940_700.jpg DSC_0914_700.jpg DSC_0910_700.jpg DSC_0898_700.jpg DSC_0888_700.jpg DSC_0848_700.jpg D10_4107_700.jpg D10_4099_700.jpg
Viewing images 1-30 of 999

Waste of time i know :)

Get on the pilot locator register here http://map.rcheli.dk

Fan of Isabelle?

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Just funde this video Isabelle showing us the Parrot AR.Drone, now that is a video style i can get use to. I am now a subscriber of the Rotocade Youtube channel :)

For more RC Chicks

Check out Isabelle here

Original source

Inspired by

One more :)

Not about RC

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And then again a little RC relevant. Just found this great site from a ball bearings company.

How can you sell a ball bearing it is kind of a boring product, but Acer Racing should get a 10 for trying, this is a great attempt of making the ball bearings a sexy product. :)

A nice attempt of selling a ball bearing.

Check out the rest of the chicks at http://www.acerracing.com/pages/acer_chicks.html i think they are selling ball bearings too :)

Nice bearing :)

New image gallery

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I have just been working on a new picture galley for rcheli.dk, this is a huge improvement compared to the old image gallery, i have embedded the images in the page, to make it look nice, really hope you like it feel free to leave a comment if you do. The complete gallery you can find here http://rcheli.dk/pictures2

A little taste

Surfing the net

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This is boring, the weather is bad and I do not have time to fly, but then I fund some funny stuff on the net, check this comic out, it is about a helicopter :)

Funny comic

For the late nights, check this out girls with RC part :) I am a nerd I know. Click the picture to se the complete galeri of RC Chicks

model with synergy.jpg

I was at LegoLand the other day, with the family, look what i made :)
A lego logo