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Just spotted a new company based in EU, Coptermotion at, from browsing around on the site and having a look at the product first hand, i can definitely say that this product is a new solution for all the professional photographers that have an interest in starting in aerial picture and video with a drone solution.

This product is a completely build and tested solution, where you get everything in one solution, a base-station / transmitter with build in display and a OSD with all the need to knows about height and direction.

Image of the Coptermotion model ready to go

One of the key points on this produkt is that you can change the camera settings from the transmitter:

“Height, distance, battery status, flight heading, climb rate, Lattitude-longitude, etc…, is displayed on top of the live video. The pilot is totally in control.Four intuitive control buttons make it real easy to control the helicopter while remaining full control of the camera movement at the same time, this saves you a second operator and is a real money saving feature. One pilot can easily control both the movement of the aircraft and change camera options. Nine buttons are at your disposal to control any camera setting you want.

Changing diafragma, iso values, shutterspeed, record on/off, etc….is al done by the press of a button.Our long endurance base station (optional) provides a crystal clear live video feed without any disturbance, flicker or noise.”

Exciting new product i am looking forward to see where this is going.