The Crackilator

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Now this is news you will not forget, Infinivation are currently testing a new device called the Crackilator, it’s a device you plug in to the training plug on your transmitter and with a switch on you transmitter you can now do crack maneuvers without moving your stick. Yes that is right, it will do the crack movement for you :)

picture of the crackilator

I thinks this is a device for any pitchbrother!
Yelling “CRACK IT” is a waist of time these days! you just hit the switch

This is one of the test pilots Bobby Watts

I asked and this is no joke !

Edit post: a crack maneuver is starting 4 minutes in to this video

Dominik Cracking the Bitch

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While we are still waiting for the video updates from :) check out this cracking flight from Dominik Hägele, with a nice tree cutting

Rumors are that we can expect an interview of the Pitchbrothers at MHM, only because they got beer for doing the interview. Can’t wait to see how serious that is going to be :)