Bad day at the field

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It has been an unbelievable bad day at the field today, i finally got the parts and the time to go test my Frenzy TT after my last crash, and what happen !!! i crashed again.

I am not sure what the reason for the crash is, but it seems like the same error again.


Just crashed

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I was out flying this weekend, after a long period with no flying. I finally got the time to spend a day at the field with some easy and nervous flying but it was a good day at the field, UNTIL.

It was the last flight this always happens on the last flight :) but this was the flight where I just had to use the rest of the gallon and on that flight, one of the tail blades was ripped off. And what happens when one of the tail blades and the grips is pulled off in flight ?

The tail will start swinging and at one point the tail will hit the main blades and what a crash, in 10 meters height the Frenzy 90 TT just self-destructed completely and fall to the ground in pieces. What a shame that I didn’t get that on video!

But here you can see some pictures, I didn’t feel like repairing the heli yet but I guess it is going to be expensive.






Midair crash

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A midair crash is always amazing stuff, most of all because it is very rare, changes that a heli and a plain smashes into eat other is very little but it happens, and boy do I love to see the video and JetJockJoe45 from YouTube provided this video. Observer the silences after the crash :(

Crash in audience area, at 3D Masters 2010

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At 3D masters this year a crash happened that could have had huge consequences, one of the pilots broke the tail in flight, while flying inverted, the mistake he made was trying to save the helicopter, the helicopter started to fly over the audience area and the pilot finally killed the engine. This proves that even professionals can make mistakes.

Note to self: Kill engine immediately after something is broken in flight.

See the video of the crash here:

Extremely low flight

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Okay this is just to low, this is a video from Tareq and no matter what, this guy take the helicopter to a lower level, in a good way. But i now why :) Tareq has a neck injury after a car crash years back, one of the consequences from this car crash is that Tareq cannot look up, he can only look about 3 meters up in the air, that is why he is forced to fly that low all the time :) Just kidding watch the video this is nice. I like the 0,5 meters high fence, it is interfering with the flight line :)