3D Masters 2011 at Venlo

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3D masters just announced the entrance list for 3D Masters, this is the approved pilot for entering the competition.

Some of the interesting competitors in Experts class are the Danish competitors for my point of view. It is Klaus Jensen a 3D Masters veteran and then we have the new kid on the block Kenneth Krull, it is his first time but I am sure he can compete with all the good pilot, SMACK IT.

In the Masters class we see Tom-Erik Rolfson from Norway I personally have my hopes up for.

Then we have the joker, the surprise Curtis Youngblood !!! This guy was at the judges table last year, he is the father of 3D and he is one of the most experienced guys at the start line, but Curtis is also the one who crashed his helicopter at a demo last year, which is not going to win the judges this year

One is missing in my point of view Kim Jensen from Denmark, he is going to judge this year, if you can’t beat them join them :)

Good luck to all

See the complete list here http://www.3dmasters.org.uk/2011Entrants.htm

I would really like to go this year but I seems like it is not going to happen :( can I count on one of you guys to make a live report like I did last year ?

Check out the location for the 3D master competition.

Best victory flight 3DM 2010

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Here is an example of a victory flight from a pilot i think we can expect more from in the future, this is in my opinion the best victory flight at the 3D masters 2010, first Curtis Youngblood came out his helicopter died after a few minutes attempting to fly around a tree and Nick Smackwell last 30 sec. then he crashed.

But Gael Laminard winner of the expert class, his victory flight was cool he did all the right things without a crash. Check it out

I am working on my videos, but until then check out my photo from 3D masters 2010

The rain is poring down.

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Right now the competition has stopped, because of the rain, we are waiting for the results and the victory flights, and the victory flight is the only thing keeping me.

Here are some pictures for you while we wait.






What is a Chaos

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What is the difference between a Piro Flip and a Chaos. Well i don’t know but Curtis Youngblood will walk you through it in this video and he can tell you the differences between the two maneuvers.

Interview with Curtis Youngblood about a Chaos

And this is me doing a Half Piro Flip on the simulator :)

Curtis Youngblood going for Pitchbrothers

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What did I say, that maybe Curtis would get the Pitchbrother sticker, and look at this flight from Curtis, he is going very low, and I think you can hear my Pitchbrother screaming in the back “LOW LOW” that’s what you get from inviting the Pitchbrothers :)

You have to check out the show flight from Dominik Hägele, with a crash at the end, it was not the engine this time.

For a nice interview with Curtis Youngblood and all the flight from the first round, check the video here