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The damage was pretty big, let me just say it like this, the only thing that did not take any damage, was the tail and the main rotor(-swash plate). And that’s bad. :(

But what was the reason for my crash, well it was the tail servo, and that’s the only reason, the Futaba 9254 died on me, and the reason, well that’s because it was over 4,8 volt, and I don’t mean at 6 volt, no just the normal 5,4 or something like that, when your 4 cells are completely charged.
How did I test it, just sit with the tail servo and the gyro in your hand for about 10 minutes, and then the tail servo will get very hot, it still looks like it will work, but if you try to hold the servo horn you will see that the servo can’t hold any thing, and that was what happen to me when the helicopter was inverted in air.

My personal opinnion is that the 9254 has a design error, if it can’t handle current over 4,8 volt at all, then you have a problem because a normal 4 cell battery pack, will get over that level, and that’s a major concern that the servo dies when you exceed the 4,8 volt level, bad design, bad design. If you ask some of the old timers, they all say: yes I have had that servo die one my!!!

Conclusion on the tail servo is that I am going to try the HITEC HS-6965HB its fast, its zero slop, and it can handle 6 volt. That’s a spec. I like.

The damage report THAT’S BAD, I have created a list with all the damages, and the prices is in Danish kroner, the price to get the Freya bag in air is 4248,66DKr my wife will kill me, no question about that. (Kids you have to run bare feed this summer, no summer shoes for you) :)

Here is the complete list in PDF.