Fuel prices in Denmark

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WUUUUUHUUU I am back, on the internet that is, I changed internet provider and because of that i had to wait for a new internet connection for about 3 weeks, bummer, but I can save some money on the new internet deal and that money I can use for Fuel, look I made a chart, I am a big boy.

Here are the prices for 30% nitro fuel recommended for RC helicopter, prices are in Danish kroner. I compared the prices in liter.

Dealer Product Price/liter(DKr) Price(DKr)
Avionic.dk Wild Cat HeliMix 30% nitro (at 8 gallons) 54,49 1650
Rotordisc.dk Cool Power 30% nitro low smoke (at 4 gallons) 58,78 890
Avionic.dk Wild Cat HeliMix 30% nitro (at 4 gallons) 59,44 900
Rotordisc.dk Alternative OPTIMIX 30% (at 20liter) 62 1240
Rotordisc.dk Cool Power 30% nitro (at 4 gallons) 65,38 990
HobbyFly.com Rapicon 30% nitro(at 1 gallon) 68,69 260
Holte-modelhobby.dk Cool Power 30% nitro (at 1 gallon) 71,33 270
lcmodels.dk Powermaster 30% nitro (at 1 gallon) 78,99 299

If I forgot somebody, or if you have a good/cheap place to buy fuel, feel free to write a comment to keep me updated, then I will update the chart.

Can I at the same time encourage you guys in the other country’s to make the same kind of chart to urge for some price competition, I will link to your price comparison

Last video compilation

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This is the last video I am going to make from the Pitchbrother Smackdown, it was a good event and I got a lot of good videos, se the links below fo the other posts with videos. Check the video at 1:40t se Lukas doing a piro-flip/Chaos where he just stops the tail for ½ a second, i looks very cool and it work very well when you watch it in real life.

The coming weekend I am going for the second event of the Danish Helibatic, I didn’t do much training and the plan was that I would fligh some practice flights this week, but guess what it is raining all the time, I hope the raining stops on Saturday. I do not expect any good results from my flights this weekend, but hay it is all about the fun in entering the competition…………. YEAH RIGHT :)

Going for Pitchbrothers Smackdown
Change of plans
Smackdown ended well
Norway at the SmackDown
Emil at the Smackdown
Morfar kicking, at the PB Smackdown
New videos from Pitchbrother Smackdown 2009

Pitchbrother Smackdown

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Now Denmark really rocks the international RC Helicopter scene. The founders of The Pitchbrothers society have established a Smackdown event I Denmark. This is really a event you and I don’t want to miss, if you live near Denmark or you just like RC Heli’s I am sure this event is worth awhile, there are international pilots at this event too.

“Petr Novotny” and “David Nolan + Engelsk MA-Team” just to name some of the pilots at this event and I think we can expect more top pilots, and of cures all the Danish fellows will come. No doubt that the event will be fun.

Please check out the Picthbrother site for more info, you can find a forum there too.

The field where the event will take place is in “Sønderborg ” click here to see the location.

I have just added a new feature to the map, now you can get driving directions to the locations on the map, as you can see here:

Get driving directions on the map

In the top textbox write your “Street, zip city, country” and hit Enter or Get directions, and the driving directions will show.

Check it out on the map http://usmap.rcheli.dk show you support by registering, thanks.

And I will see you at Sønderborg the 8-10 of May. I will add this to my calender in 2009

Costume painted canopy

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For some time now I have been wishing for a costume painted canopy, for two reasons, one is to see the helicopter better on the sky, and the other is to get my logo on my helicopter, in some nice graffiti style letters. I cannot do anything with a paintbrush myself. Because I don’t have a paintbrush. Therefore, I have been search on the net for people that can help me out with this. Here is what I found.

Here is the big company that sells “standard” paint brushed canopys http://www.canomod.com/ not really what I would use because of my demands for having a costume canopy, with my logo on.

What you need to do is find some local guy that can handle a paint brush, and then ask/pay him to do it, that way you will have a truly costume painted canopy, check out this local Danish guys result :

Click on the image to get a Google translation of his site
Costume canopy with hemp plant

That is a nice job, really good looking.

Alpine Heli Smackdown new videos

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Just found some new videos from Alpine Heli Smackdown. With Danish pilots flying very good.
First, there is Krunder on of the founders of The Pitchbrothers

Next Sebastian Duus(14Y) really cracking that heli, and you can hear his father/mechanic in the background gasping for his breath every time Sebastian flies a bit too low.