How to build a RC Helicopter

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I could write a book about building RC Helicopters, but a video is a lot faster :)

It is not my video, it is a great video that shows the process of building a helicopter. If you don’t know how to build a heli at all, check out this video it will show you how complex a helicopter build is. It is a step up from Lego i can tell you that. He is building a Henseleit TDR 2010

Now i know what i can use a IPad for, it has been a puzzle for me until now :)

Three Dee Henseleit Helicopters mid air collision

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At the 3D Master there was a lot of demo flight from different vendors, but one of the most chocking this year was the two Three Dee, Henseleit Helicopters doing a mid air collision, as i wrote in my previous post one was hovering or flying slow and the other was flying full speed into the other helicopter. Resulting in a ground impact 200 meters down the flight line and it was cached by the safety net.

You can see my video here:

You can’t see the grund crash on my video but on this video from Runryder you can see how the helicopter is caught by the net. At the end of the video

RunRyder Video