Fixed the one-way

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Maybe you remember me a while back complaining about my one-way broke ones again!, and it was getting on my nerves. One the other hand i was to cheap to get the new and improved one-way bearing from Hirobo.

But i tried to fix the problem my self, by putting some hard plastic around the one-way bearing as you can see on the picture below. The one-way are completely locked in the main gear. It worked perfectly, i have been flying some flights now and some flights have been aggressive and i have no problems with the one-way now. Saved a few bugs on that account.

A picture of my fixed one-way bearing from Hirobo

Got me a Hatori muffler 938

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After long time of waiting I finally got around to buy a new muffler for my Freya 90, I have heard many good things about the Hatori, and that is what I will try out now. I just got the time to mount it and did not get around flying: I am waiting for better weather and better health, right now I am on medication.

However, the Hatori muffler is bigger compared to the Funtech I had on before. See picture

My new hatori muffler on my Freya 90

For the first time I ordered my RC Helicopter stuff from outside Denmark I only did that because the “local” hobby shop didn’t have the Hatori on stock and then I tried I am very happy with them good service and quick delivery, and a small chocolate. However, it wasn’t cheaper than my Danish shop sorry to say.

Here is a small warning I have bought some fuel shutoff clamp and they just do not work if you consider buying them DO NOT. The construction is too cheap and I would not consider using them on any helicopter. See picture. It was not a big investment but why sell/produce something that is just not working, or working badly any way.

A defect Fuel clamp from K&S