The 50/50 Helicopter from Krunder Aerospace

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Maybe you have read and seen some pictures from the brand new 50/50 helicopter design from Krunder Aerospace at the Pitchbrother smackdown 2010, here is the introduction video from Krunder himself, great idea. It looks like they are having great fun, check it out.

Sneakpeak of the 50/50 from Krunder Aerospace from on Vimeo.

As you can see the 50/50 flies like a 50/50, here it is Sebastian Duus giving it some smack.

Testflight of the 50/50 from Krunder Aerospace from on Vimeo.

Perfect starter shaft

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One of the components i have had moste problems with is not on my helicopter, no it is my starter, yep i have had several trips to the flying fields where i was trying to start my helicopter with no luck, because of my starter and mostly because of the starter shaft.

Here in Denmark we are in the winter season at the moment, and that is often where the problems with the strater begins, because a 90 size engien is very hard to turn. The results: lots of thugh on the starter shaft.

My modification to my starter shaft is a result of all the problems i have had with weak spots on the shaft.

First there is the mounting of the shaft on the engien shaft, that was a problem with my shaft, because of the solution from the producer of the shaft. The shaft(One-way) had to be clamp around the engien shaft, and the didn’t last for one start.

Here is my solution: drill a hole all the way through the starter shaft(One-way mount), and there was a hole in the starter engien shaft, and then place a solid metal, i tried with a screw and that broke right over, a solid metal stick and then clamp the shaft around the aks. That was a lasting solution.

Then there was the hex mount in the starter shaft(One-way mount), not a good solution, hold the hex with a small screw, that lasted for some starts of the engien, but mostly when the winter startes, it breaks one way or the other. I did try to drill a hole all the way through the hex, but the metal that it is made of are exstreamly hard, could not drill a hole in the hex. Then i changed the screw from a 3 to a 4 mm and i hope that will last better, add lots of lock-tit.

To the producersers of starter shafts please take this information to consideration for the next starter shaft design, that will help alot, thanks.

Any sponsors?

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I am going to be honest with you, it is not very fun to have a Funtech muffler at this moment.

I have been struggling a bit with my muffler for the last couple of weeks, after I set my Freya up to run 1980RPM on the head, my Funtech muffler start to unscrew itself, not where it normally loosens but on the mount where the pipe is mounted see picture.

The defect Funtech muffler

Naive as I am, I started to remount the pipe mount with some bigger screws 5mm, and that was no problem until I started to run the engine, after two thanks the mount was starting to loosen again. I cannot mount a 6mm screw and that would problem not help either. The washers in the muffler were not looking good either see picture.

Now this defect is after max 10 gallons of fuel, which is a pure design if you ask me!

Any sponsors with a new muffler for my OS 91SZ running 1980RPM on the head. I can add some advertisement on my site as payment? Contact me

One other think I noticed today was my tail blades are staring to make resonance sound, I was hovering inverted and with a 10 degree angle against the wind the tail blades was making a lot of noise. I have heard about this issue from a fellow pilot with standard Hirobo Freya tail blades. I guess this means that I need new tail blades to.

This is one of the frustrating times for a heli pilot when the hardware does not play along. I was flying really great today, practicing tic-toc and doing inverted hover in all directions. Now I am back to the bench fixing my helicopter and begging the wife for approval to by a new muffler. I must be great to be a sponsored pilot. :)