The 50/50 Helicopter from Krunder Aerospace

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Maybe you have read and seen some pictures from the brand new 50/50 helicopter design from Krunder Aerospace at the Pitchbrother smackdown 2010, here is the introduction video from Krunder himself, great idea. It looks like they are having great fun, check it out.

Sneakpeak of the 50/50 from Krunder Aerospace from on Vimeo.

As you can see the 50/50 flies like a 50/50, here it is Sebastian Duus giving it some smack.

Testflight of the 50/50 from Krunder Aerospace from on Vimeo.

Danish result 3D Masters 2009

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I can’t wait anymore, for the result to show up from 3D Masters, i just got a SMS from Spain :) but only for the Danish pilot and here it goes:

Klaus Jensen at place 17
Kim Jensen at place 9
Sebastian Duus at place 5

That is really good :) Sebastian at 5. place, it is his first time at the 3D masters, he is flying a Logo 600.

Congratulations to you all

And we are still waiting for the rest of the results !!!

Alpine Heli Smackdown new videos

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Just found some new videos from Alpine Heli Smackdown. With Danish pilots flying very good.
First, there is Krunder on of the founders of The Pitchbrothers

Next Sebastian Duus(14Y) really cracking that heli, and you can hear his father/mechanic in the background gasping for his breath every time Sebastian flies a bit too low.