Update of sites with new logo and Google maps

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Now I finally got time to update my pilot locator with the new Google map, and all the site are updated with a new logo, I just got made.

Update on the pilot locator

The locator is change to use the Google map instead of Microsoft, based on the vote from some time back Google VS Microsoft.

Some of the changes is the search and you just have to try this out, it is the best search you have ever seen, you can check a instruction video here (right click and save as), or look for controls like this on the pilot locator and try them out:

Try out the new search function on the  pilot locator

And you can still do all the old thinks on the map, like making a direct link to a push-pin, and sending email to a contact on the map. If you would like to know how you could read it here. The mail function is improved in the new version, you can click the email tab on a push-pin, and then send a mail direct from the hover text of the push-pin, without reloading the site.

Do not forget to try the new and improved driving directions, to find the directions to a new flying field, very cool check out the screen shoot:
find your way easy.

The pilot locator is improved in load speed too. It cannot get any better than this, you just go register then it will be perfect. Click the links under pilot locator

If you still like the Microsoft map in the pilot locator then you can find the old version here http://msmap.rcheli.dk

New Logo
Finaly I got a new logo, and that is what I have been implementet on all my site, the blog, as you can see at the top, and the main site http://rcheli.dk and the pilot locator sites, you can click you county in the menu at the right, under pilot locator.

You can expect to see the new logo everywhere from now on.

The new logo for RCHeli.dk hope you like it

Thanks for supporting, and show it with your registration on the pilot locator.

Lucky 500 on the pilot locator

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Now we just hit registration count 500 on RC Earth pilot locator, I am very happy with the support of the site, and I can conclude that the user like the user interface. You can check the statistic here http://rcheli.dk/count.php.

Now that I have your attention about the map site. I will just use the post to inform you that I have created yet another feature for you to integrate the map site in your own site if you like. It is easy and you can do it with only one line of HTML code.

If you like to get your own site and you like to get a RC Pilot locator map site on your site, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can see a solution here “The embedded site has been removed, but the solution is stille possibol” you can change everything other then the map content itself and the textboxes. But we can customize the site with colors fitting to your page.

Well check it out. You can register and be a part of the next gold 1000 registration.

Check it out http://wmap.rcheli.dk