Nitro vs Electric at 3D Masters 2010

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At the 3D master i decided to try to count the number of nitro helicopters and the number of electric helicopters, and i did that more or less as promised, i installed an application on my android phone for editing excel document and i updated the document every hour or so and the result you can see here:

Nitro flights Electric flights
82 flights 17 flights

Nitro still is the dominating choice, but it is just a question of time i am sure, you can’t see any difference in flight style between the two. Only how long the flight lasts.

The results are not scientific. :)

Getting ready, 3D Masters

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I am starting to get ready to go to 3D Masters, packing the car charging the batteries for the cameras. I really can’t wait I am sure it is going to be great, I am planning on make some statistics of the amount of nitro and electric helicopter this weekend, just for the fun of it.

And like I already have told you I am planning to keep you updated live from my phone, keep your eyes open for updates on

Her are some nitro pictures from the field, to keep you entertained :)




That is how a nitro helicopter looks after a day at the field.

New issue Helista magazine

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The Helista guys have create the second issue of the Helista magazine, it is free there is absolutely no reason not to check out the new issue. The magazine is manly containing information about small electric RC helicopters.

Check out there site :
Helista magazine site

Get the magazine in pdf

Winter flying

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Why, what, and how!!! Why would you like to fly in the winter season?

Why, if you are a true addicted RC model freak, you have to fly. There is no Chance that you can wait 4 month to you next stick time, NO WAY you can wait that long.

What, you can fly everything you like, I have heard that the electric model have some performance demoted because of the cold temperature.

How, LOTS AND LOTS of clothes, and some gloves or a transmitter bag/glove, your biggest enemy is if your fingers start to freeze, and you can’t feel your stick, trust my I have crashed because I could not feel the stick because I was freezing. My rule of thumb so to speak. If you start freezing in your little finger, stop flying.

I was out flying the other day with a friend, and I stop in a middle of a tank, because I started to freeze in my fingers.

See a video of Per flying here, the video is shaking a bit because I am frizzing. :)

Welcome to Helista! Magazine

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A new RC helicopter magazine. Are there room for one more you may ask. ?

The Answer is yes, this magazine is going to focus on small electric helicopters it seem, and that’s definitely an area there needs more focus, with the Gaui 200 and the new T-rex 250 coming soon that’s definitely an interesting magazine, and most of all it FREE. It can get any better.

The magazine started with some people playing around with the idea of making a magazine, and then the ball started rolling, and the result is great, I especially like the interview with Bert Kammerer and his Gaui 200. That is a good interview, properly because I agree with his advice on how to learn 3D

Finally, I like the logo, what a cool logo.

The new Helista Magazin logo

Good luck guys. I hope you find it rewarding to write about your hobby.

Go register here