The 50/50 at 3D Masters 2010

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Finally got one of my videos don, this is one of the videos you are going to see from with a little twist, it is not the sponsored and cool edited video, but this will give you an impression of what is also going on at an event like 3D Masters.

Krunder from Krunder Aerospace Denmark had a change to show the crowed his self designed 50/50 helicopter, a helicopter with two 50 engines.

On this video you can see Sebastian Duus smacking it around. And you can see some of the issues you have with a twin engined helicopter. :) Read more about the 50/50 here

Removing main engine bearings

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It is winter time and when it is winter i can find time to maintenance my equipment, and i have had guys asking when i was going to replace my bearings in my engine, and now it is time. Happy now. :)

Separating an engine is not something i do very often and i need some instruction just to be sure i don’t breaking anything, first i started looking for an instruction video, could not find it, maybe i should make one myself, but no i fund this useful site that is all you need to know to separate a model engine.

Next tip for you: any of you like Crème brûlée ? I got a Crème brûlée set as a Christmas present and you can use the burner to remove your main bearings from the engine, a tip from Tim P the cook :)

Crème brûlée

EDIT: i found the video
Remove the bearings

Replace the bearings

Have a nice day, we need to be more friendly with each other :)

Wasting two gallons CoolPower

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I just had a great heli weekend, I got two days of flying, and that’s not common for me, but it’s with great sorrow that I had to see the weekend fly away with fine tuning the engine.

I have never been very good at tuning my engine, and I know that. The first day I was flying I did know that some tuning had to be done, I change the fuel brand from HeliMix to Coolpower. With that change of fuel brand some engine tuning has to be expected. But I am very sorry to conclude that my engine was not running well at all with the HeliMix the engine was setup completely wrong, and I am the only one to blame. And it was first when I changed to CoolPower that I could feel and hear that the engine was not running correct at all. :(

First Gallon:
Well the first day went okay, I did try to tune the engine and at the end of the gallon it seemed like the engine was running okay, but I still had some issues when I gave it full throttle, it was running kind of nervous, but it was running better then when the day started.

Second Gallon:
Next day was very disappointing, first time I started the helicopter I could hear that the engine was not running the way it was suppose to, it really got me in the red zoon. But hey I was ad it again, trying to tune the engine, with no luck. But to my advantage a fellow pilot came by the field without he’s helicopters and he helped me out, then the engine started to run a lot better, very nice indeed.
But it was still running a bit nervous with full throttle.
The fellow pilot told me that he had the same issues with he’s OS 91 SZ until he mounted all the O-Rings in the engine, with all O-Ring’s at 0,5mm the engine should not run nervous with full throttle.
Well I mounted one more O-ring in the engine and now I have 0,4mm thick ring. And I can’t way to get to the field and try it out, I hope this works because if not, I am seriously considering to changing the whole think to an electric Helicopter. But I hope it works, because I am going to miss the smell of burned fuel.

Wish me luck.

And by the way, I was running HeliMix 15% nitro, and now I am running CoolPower 10% nitro, my local hobby store could not deliver HeliMix as fast as I was hoping and that’s why I changed fuel brands, I am not saying that HeliMix is a pure product, I am simply saying that I didn’t setup my engine correct with that fuel.

One flight

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After a long time waiting for better weather conditions I was out flying today, but it was only one flight, it was all worth the drive and the setting up.

It was very windy today, and I really could feel the advantage of the governor, and here is one piece of advice that all newcomers can use.

If you are newbie and starts with a nitro helicopter, get a governor on the helicopter. I know some of the old guys at the field would properly say that you have to learn how to adjust the engine. And that’s right you have to learn how to tune your engine, and when you have learned that, start using the governor.

I can’t count how many times I have been trying to adjust the gas and the pitch curves to get the perfect flying helicopter doing rolls and loops, but forget about it.
I must admit I am not the best guy to adjust a engine but I have learned it over the years, but getting the perfect gas and pitch curves is almost impossible.

And the governor solves that problem instantly, the only think you have to do is find you helicopter’s RPM sweet spot and then you can fine-fine tune the engine for perfect performance. Believe me if you already have a okay tuned engine, it is very easy to hear how the engine is running and what directions to turn the mixing screws.

Get a governor it’s worth it.

And a cool video to prepare for the summer. can’t wait.

Thank you

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Now I finally got flight time, and god dame it was good. Nothing flashy just plane ease flying around. It was great.

There was of cures some fine tuning of the engine but I was all for the best. Now I got the engine and governor running nice to getter. With a little help from my friends I found that the engine likes to run with a rotor head speed at 1860RPM. This is with a Hirobo Freya 90 with standard gearing, and a OS SZ-H 91 engine.

I hope this is a sign that there will be a lot more flying in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone.