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Well to be honest I haven’t got time to test the new governor in the helicopter, but I have been spending my time on some other helicopter related issue.

One of my problems is that I can’t get enough flight time in real life flying. Like all other pilot I need to get my field visits to fit with the rest of the family, one of the problems is that we only have one car, and when the wife needs to visit her horse. it can be a bit of a problem getting to the field with a 90 helicopter on a bike.

That problem is almost solved, almost. I have just invested in what Americans properly would call a silly little car from Italy with no future in. BUT me, I see potential all the way to the field.

Let me present the ultimate helicopter field box:

The Fiat 127 Ultimat Field box

Fiat 127 the ultimat field box

Fiat 127 the Ultimat field box

Well I can tell you that the car was very cheap. Well to be honest my one Helicopter is more expensive then the car. But the cheap price comes with a price! I need to fix the clutch on the car before it can drive. but other than that the engine is running like a dream.

When the car is running I will rearrange the back of the car, for optimal storage and transportation of the helicopter and field equipment. Then there will come more pictures when the car is completed.

Wish me luck on repairing the car I am going to need it.

Note i am starting to use a new font size from now on.