My maneuvers for helibatic 2009

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First I would like to make a short introduction to how we have created the Danish competition classes. Last year a guy here in DK(not me) got a great idea, how about making a sport class in the competition classes, and the Helibatic Sport class was born, or F3C Sport for the international readers.
The sport classes have evolved, now we have a F3DK Sport class to.

The possible classes you can compete in this year:
Helibatic Sport: A class for new heli pilots, if you do not have any experience and would like to try the competition flying out. In this class you have to fly 8 maneuvers with low skill level, to make it possible for many to enter this competition class.

Helbatic/F3C: This is the international class FAI competition class, for the expert pilots, 8 – 10 maneuvers with high skill level is what you have to fly here.

F3DK Sport: This is the new class this year, here you have to fly 8 maneuvers in two rounds and one freestyle round 2-3 minutes. This class is for the wanabe 3D pilots. It is a good change to try your 3D skills out. With limited skill level on the maneuvers.

F3DK Expert: This is the hardcore 3D international pilots.

There are 3 Helibatic events a year.

What are the sport classes all about, to get people in to competition nothing else. And it works very well, last year there was a lot of new pilot in the Helibatic sport class, and we really got a great introduction to what a competition flying is. And combined with a bunch of great people and a basic interest in helping each other getting better, this is really a very excellent way to get new pilot in to competition flying.

Back to me :) I am in the F3DK Sport class this year, and here is what I am going to fly in the first event this year. (see videos below)

After the maneuvers below there is a freestyle round, and I have no clue how to do that, but I hope I will learn this year.

Double inside loop

Inverted hovering

Circle backwards

2-point roll

Inverted figure 8

TicToc (Metronome)

Loop backwards

360°-turn with roll

Dominik Haegele and Hirobo

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Dominik seems to domain the 3D competitions at the moment, he has won the 3D Masters 2007 and he has won the Futaba Extreme Flight Championship XFC 2008, he is really rocking the competitions, and best of all he is flying Hirobo.

I myself have a Hirobo Freya 90 and I am very happy with it, but I has been knowen to be a bit slow and not really a 3D helicopter, but in the FAI competitions it has been a very promising helicopter for years. With my curren flying style I am very happy with a stabile and “slow” flying helicopter, it is a very good helicopter to learn some of the difficult maneuvers, but I am also very pleaset to here that Hirobo is working on a new 3D model, the Hirobo Turbulence D3.

Hirobo are known to be a very good helicopter with high quality and excellent design, and that is for affordable prices best of all. I am not sure the new Turbulence is going to be cheep but I now you will get what you pay for an a little more. You can read a bit more about the new Turbulence here.

That is just the helicopter, it takes a pilot to, and I takes a good pilot to win two competitions like that, you can have a look at his excellent flying in some HD video from RunRyder here, and second video. And now for the person here is a short Interview with Dominik Haegele.

Good luck with the next competition Dominik
Dominik Haegele with the new Turbulence D3

Good competition

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I was at the competition this weekend and that when great, I was in the sport group. And I got first place :) really great.
Here you can see the result from the weekend

Your already know the maneuvers from the previous post !!!! link til tidliger post
I did not have any camera with me, but here is many good links to videos and photo from the weekend.

First you just have see the two videos here, its slow motion and good quality.

We don’t burn the Danish flag we cut them down :)

And here are the rest of the link

Some photos

And the rest of the video

And some photo

Last you just have to see a picture of a happy man right after a flight from the weekend, can you see that it was a good flight, right? (that’s me)
That's me