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Back on second day of the build, I forget to mention on little thing there is a different from the normal Frenzy you can set it up as a flybarless (FBL) out of the box, you just need all the electronics.

Back to the build, the tail and the servos are mounted and now I just need to setup the governor and gyro and the RX/TX.

I did notice one think do, a torque tube is very easy to mount compared to the belt driven, not a big problem but then again, and it is nice when it is easy.

The only think I had to do extra today was drill the tail like with the first version, read about it here

Some status pictures:


When mounting the tail link it is a good thing to adjust the length for link so the link arms are at a 90 degrees angle that way you are almost sure that the helicopters tail is correct adjusted, and not pirouetting.

I got some other new stuff to, i will write about: Team Orion VDS 1007 servo, use them for my cyclic and a new OS 91HZ-R engine i can’t wait to smack that engine around. :)