Phoenix version 2.00.g BETA network test

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I have been upgrading my Phoenix for days now, the Phoenix headquarters seem to be working day and night to get the best version 2.00 up and running, and it going well, right now there is a version 2.00.g BETA available from there site.

Some of the changes I have seen is that the graphic is even more efficient. Now I can run Phoenix in the highest graphic details and highest resolution on my Dell d830, and that is pretty good.

I have been testing the multiplayer solution as well, and thats a bit better too it seem, you can’t really get rid of all lacking because that depends on the other players connected to the server, but it was working good when I tried it out, here you can see a screen shot from earlier this night. Click on the picture to see the graphics.

The Phoenix version 2.00 beta G

Some Extra info
I am Selling my Fiat 127.

I do not really have time to fix it this winter and it is a shame to leave it out all winter not taking care of it as I should, it is in great shape. If you are interested, you can find a Danish add about the car here, or you can contact me via this link. I am selling it for 10000 DKr and I know there is already one person interested, but he is on vacations now, it can still be yours.

Check out some of the old post about my Fiat 127 here:

Beautiful model

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I just have to show you this, well the guy that has helped my fixed my new field box the “Fiat 127”. Well it he’s birthday today, a 60 year old man that’s not interested in Remote Control model what can I buy for a somebody like that !!!

Well I fund a funny little think. A model size of a Fiat 127 type 2 like the one I have in real life that the mechanic has help me fix, thanks for helping to the auto mechanic.

Well the model is very nice I think anyway, check it out here.

Fiat model car 1:43 size
Fiat model car 1:43 size

Hope he is not reading this post today on he’s birthday :)

The fieldbox is driving

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Now the Fiat 127 is fixed. I got a new gear box and clutch in the car and the engine is running, well it’s running. I have to change the ignition system. And then I can drive it in rain too, not like now where I lose some of the cylinders when driving in rain.

As you can see on the pictures I was out flying yes today, I still have some issues with setting the mix on the engine after I have installed a governor. And when I was out flying last time I had some issues with getting the mix right, but I found that I had mixed up the high and the middle needle when I was trying to adjust the engine, that’s way I could not get the engine to run clean.

Yestoday I almost got the engine tuned right but not quit, when I was switching from idl1 to idl2 and gave it full throttle the engine died on me. About 7 meters over the ground right in the bad height for an autorotation. But finally all the years of practices paid off. I managed to auto it down with only a broken land skid not the best landing but hay it’s a cheap repair.

SiteNote : I have removed some of my Google adds well to be honest they don’t pay enough, compared to the space and load time they take on the page. For some of you that maybe interested in Adsence from Google here is some data from my site. I have average 120 unique visitors on my site a day, I have a CTR at about 5,5% and the pay is about 120$ every 4 month, not really something that can motivate me. But now you can chose if it’s something you want to use.

Check out the fieldbox, I can fit one more helicopter in the back, any sponsors for a exstra heli? 
Freya in the fieldbox
Freya helicopter in the fieldbox
There is just room for the Freya helicopter
The Fieldbox batterie, and a generator for recharch too.

New field box just arrived

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Well to be honest I haven’t got time to test the new governor in the helicopter, but I have been spending my time on some other helicopter related issue.

One of my problems is that I can’t get enough flight time in real life flying. Like all other pilot I need to get my field visits to fit with the rest of the family, one of the problems is that we only have one car, and when the wife needs to visit her horse. it can be a bit of a problem getting to the field with a 90 helicopter on a bike.

That problem is almost solved, almost. I have just invested in what Americans properly would call a silly little car from Italy with no future in. BUT me, I see potential all the way to the field.

Let me present the ultimate helicopter field box:

The Fiat 127 Ultimat Field box

Fiat 127 the ultimat field box

Fiat 127 the Ultimat field box

Well I can tell you that the car was very cheap. Well to be honest my one Helicopter is more expensive then the car. But the cheap price comes with a price! I need to fix the clutch on the car before it can drive. but other than that the engine is running like a dream.

When the car is running I will rearrange the back of the car, for optimal storage and transportation of the helicopter and field equipment. Then there will come more pictures when the car is completed.

Wish me luck on repairing the car I am going to need it.

Note i am starting to use a new font size from now on.