3DMasters 2010 Netherlands

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Just got some great news, it seems that the 3DMaster are going for Netherlands the 23rd, 24th and 25th July 2010. That is very close to Denmark, and as i understand it from the press release it is a very easy place to access by plain or by car. I have got to go.

For a more detailed map look here

Here is the Jupiter Flying Club web site http://www.jupiter-venlo.nl

And from the looks of it, it seems like a nice site with fences and all Jupiter Flying club

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New pilot locator feature

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Now you can embed the pilot locator on your site, here are the 4 easy steps.

1. Register your club/flying field or yourself on the map, if you’re not already on http://map.rcheli.dk

2. Find you personal PinId, you can find it on the last tab, the service tab when you click on your registration on the map, it is the number at the bottom of the service tab.

3. Correct the MyPinId=??? Number in code below, to your personal PinID.

4. And past the code into you site or your RC club site , where every you want.

Then you have a nice embedded pilot locator like the one on this nice site http://3dheli.dk/hoffmann/Hjem-1307.asp

The xsize and the ysize parameter in the link is for setting the size of the map on your site, in pixels.
The width: 500px; height: 300px; are the size of the iframe, the map is inside an Iframe.

If you have any questions please ask http://map.rcheli.dk/?mypinid=35 :)

To prove how simple it is, here is an example on how I can look.

Hope you like it. Show your support by becoming a fan on Facebook

Please have a look at some additional information about the pilot locator:

What’s up in 2009

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I have some thinks that I would like to do for the New Year; I hope I can get all of my plans to come true.

First of all I have to go to the 2009 Helibatic in Denmark, I won the 2008 Helibatic sport competition, and I have to try my skills at the helibatic 2009.

Here are the dates and locations of all the three helibatic 2009:
Helibatic 1 Brønderslev 18-19/4
Helibatic 2 Kalundborg 27-28/6
Helibatic 3 Sønderborg 22-23/8
I really hope I will be there for the events, hope to see you there.

And the international event I would like to go to:
3D Masters on the 24-25-26/7
Alpine Heli Smackdown Schweiz 10-11/10
I really hope to see some of you there.

Hope you all have a good 2009. Thanks for supporting in 2008.

Famous idiot!

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This person takes the price for being the most famous RC Helicopter idiot around. I am very sorry to be this honest. What is he thinking? See video

One think is that you fly in a area where you should not be, flying a crowed play ground, with lots of kids on, that not okay. It is not safe to fly a helicopter in an area like that. You can have mechanic failure and hit somebody.

That’s one thing, but he is flying with traning skids on, indicating that he don’t know shit about flying yet, he cannot fly a helicopter and he is trying to fly that close to other people, in front of the flight line.!!!!

There is a reason why people is standing behind the pilot when you fly, that whey you the pilot can protect the ordains if you run they run.

Please think about your fellow pilot and do not ruin it for other pilot by doing stupid thinks. Thanks.

If you a looking for a place to fly, look at the field locator map and go fly at an approved flying field http://wmap.rcheli.dk/?club

National radio

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I was on national radio the other day, it was a program about cooking. But one of the chef’s on the program was just starting to get a helicopter addiction, and that’s why they asked people to send in pictures of their helicopter big or small.

It was a phone interview and they asked about how I got started in the hobby, and what my wife was thinking about the hobby. I have been trying to find an archived recording from the radio station, of the interview but I don’t think they have one, sorry.

There was a vote on what helicopter was the coolest and my heli was in the vote, but the result was not that good, check it out , it was not a fair match.

[Site Note]
I have just redesigned the pilot locator page and I think it is very nice now, now I can truly handle unlimited pushpins on the map, I have change the design to use AJAX/PHP. And I have made a simple clustering technique to be able to show a lot of pins on the map. Without the map being slow and heavy to maneuver.

Furthermore I have added about 2000 flying fields in the US only, this is really great and if you see a missing fields please don’t hesitate to register the flying field on the map. Check out the new fields here http://usmap.rcheli.dk/?club

On the new design you just have to be aware of one think, if you see this image :
not viewing all pins
The image indicates: at your current view you don’t see all pushpins registered. The maximum pushpins you can view are 300. If you would like to see all pushpins you have to zoom in at a specific area, until you see this image :
viewing all pins on the map
Then you see all pins in that area. That’s what’s called clustering.

And you can still do all the old thinks like: get a driving direction for the flying fields, a direct link to one pin, a link to show only clubs or shops, and I have improved the mailing service, now the mails you can send to you fellow pilots have a nicer design. And the pushpins load dynamically when you navigate the map, that way you can see pins all over the world on the same map without post back.

Check it out http://wmap.rcheli.dk