Pilot locator on smartphone

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Just been up a little too late last night, working on a cool new thing for all us smartphone users in the RC hobby.

Pilot locator for a smartphone, you can find flying fields, RC buddies and Hobby shops from your smart device, and that is in the entire world, currently there is over 4000 registration on the pilot locator. This is the biggest collection of registered flying fields on one map in the world. (far as I know)

Back to the new feature, the only thing you have to do, is get your smart phone, start up Google maps application, hit search, write http://map.rcheli.dk in the search field and you are ready to go, you can navigate to field, pilot and shop read details about them and you can write to pilot, fields and shop registrations on the map, there is a email function optimized for the smart phones too.

To register on the map, go to http://map.rcheli.dk from your PC.

Check out the intro video below, very easy:

And some screenshots:
The first thing you have to do, search for push-pins like this.
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

A zoomed in over-view of the registrations on the map, in my area.
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

More information about the current registation
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

A detaild overview from one registation, get this by pushing one push-pin on the map
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

Directions to the local RC shop
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

And overview of the registions currently loaded on the map
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

The email form for one registation, this is where you write mails to other people on the map
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

You need Google maps installed on your device to get the pilot locator to work.
Testet on:

  • Android, HTC Desire(Rooted)
  • IPhone, see issue list for current issue on the Iphone.
  • Ipad
  • Nokia E71
  • Known issues:

  • Pushpin icons on Iphone is default Google maps icons, can’t see the difference from pilot, field and shop on Iphone.
  • “Share this place” function in Google maps not working with the locations from http://map.rcheli.dk
  • Please post if you have tested this on another device and if it works or not. Thanks. Any input would be great.

    Getting ready, 3D Masters

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    I am starting to get ready to go to 3D Masters, packing the car charging the batteries for the cameras. I really can’t wait I am sure it is going to be great, I am planning on make some statistics of the amount of nitro and electric helicopter this weekend, just for the fun of it.

    And like I already have told you I am planning to keep you updated live from my phone, keep your eyes open for updates on http://rcheli.dk

    Her are some nitro pictures from the field, to keep you entertained :)




    That is how a nitro helicopter looks after a day at the field.

    RC Helicopter on the job

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    Here is your new job: farming !!! ask why, ASK. :)

    Because then you can fly around with your RC Helicopter all day, look at this guy from Japan, sprying his rice fields with pesticides with an RC Helicopter, that is a cool job :)

    My predictions are that we will se this in the future, an RC Helicopter UAV that can spay a field, then you can program the helicopter with some cordinats or place a radio transmitter in the corners of a field and then the Helicopter can overfly the field with what every you need.

    Using your GPS to find flying fields

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    I have made a small but very valuable new function on the pilot locator. You properly all know about the driving directions function on the map, where you can enter your address or PinID to get a driving direction to a specific pushpin on the map. That is a very useful function.

    But now I got a GPS and I found that the map is missing something very useful, the ability to transfer the position from the map to a GPS device. There is a million ways to do this, but one way I found could be used on all GPS device is to enter the position manually, and now you can with the pilot locator.

    From my personal experience from driving to competitions at different flying field around Denmark, I have learned that it can be okay to have the address of the flying field, the address can get you in the area of the flying field but not all the way, because the field is often placed on some grass field with no address. But if you enter the exact location of the field, you can see on the GPS where the field is located and that way get to the flying field in one go.

    Here is what you have to do:
    1. Find the flying field on the map you would like to travel to.

    2. Click on the icon on the map and go to the last tab “Service” (See picture below)

    3. Enter the GPS values from the “Service” tab in to you GPS device, (It is properly the “position” menu on you GPS device)

    4. Give the POI a name on the GPS, and now you can see the location on your GPS and drive to the flying field.

    The GPS cordinats on the pilot locator.

    Please let me know if you like the feature and if you can use it on your GPS device, leave a comment.

    Read additional information here

    Find the country map in the right menu called Pilot locator->

    Please take your time to register, it is FREE

    Pitchbrother Smackdown

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    Now Denmark really rocks the international RC Helicopter scene. The founders of The Pitchbrothers society have established a Smackdown event I Denmark. This is really a event you and I don’t want to miss, if you live near Denmark or you just like RC Heli’s I am sure this event is worth awhile, there are international pilots at this event too.

    “Petr Novotny” and “David Nolan + Engelsk MA-Team” just to name some of the pilots at this event and I think we can expect more top pilots, and of cures all the Danish fellows will come. No doubt that the event will be fun.

    Please check out the Picthbrother site for more info, you can find a forum there too.

    The field where the event will take place is in “Sønderborg ” click here to see the location.

    I have just added a new feature to the map, now you can get driving directions to the locations on the map, as you can see here:

    Get driving directions on the map

    In the top textbox write your “Street, zip city, country” and hit Enter or Get directions, and the driving directions will show.

    Check it out on the map http://usmap.rcheli.dk show you support by registering, thanks.

    And I will see you at Sønderborg the 8-10 of May. I will add this to my calender in 2009