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The final day of building the Frenzy 90 and i must say that i am impressed, it seem like it is good quality and my overall impression of the build is good, i had to do some minor adjustments but nothing a Dremel can’t handle. 5 night to do a complete build and setup.

I got +-11 degree pitch.

I will do a complete review when i have had the change to fly it.

Here are some of the modifications i had to make.

I rounded the corners at the base of my SAB blades, the corners was prevent the blades to be folded back for transportation. And i added some shims tog get a better fit of the blades, see pictures. And i have tried to fit the antenna.

For the rest of the pictures go here.


Check out the nice antenna solution i have made, i hope it lasts.

Goodnight, getting ready to test flight tomorrow i hope.