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Well what can I say, it is not my helicopter year this year, I am getting last in all the competitions, an my helicopter is giving my trouble all the time.

My last flight was about 2 weeks ago, and it feels like 2 months, I was out testing my gyro setup, I have some problems with it oscillating, but I found a solution with the help from here and I think it solved my problem, well I was testing with some very fast backward flying, when I lost all power, I landed with no damage thanks to the autorotation training. I found the broken one-way bearing broken again, I am guessing that my Freya need some extra attention, but no way I am paying a million bucks for the new one-way bearing setup from Hirobo, the price is just a bit too high.

When I was at the Pitchbrothers smackdown a guy told me that I could put some epoxy around the one-way to hold it better at please, and not break it that often, and I have just made that modification, as you can see in the pictures. With some very fluent plastic the one-way is completely fastened.

This is what you need to fix the one-way mounting.

I placed a servo horn at the bottom and then a bearing to hold it in place

The fluent plastic i used, hope it works

Placing the plastic was a bit difficult :)


Note to self, remember to block the holes in the servo horn so that the plastic don’t come in contact with the bearing

Ready to fly

When that was don, I found that my mainmast bearings was too worn-out and I had to change them, ordered the new parts from across the world to save some money, but I have been waiting for over a week now!