Now the Freya is flying, see

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And guess what I don’t have time for. you guessed it. updating the blog.

Well here is a small video of me flying the Freya, nothing fancy just a test of my new phone Nokia 6300 to test the quality of the video recording on the phone. It’s a dissent video quality.

Back to the helicopter stuff. I am selling my T-rex 450, I don’t fly it any ways, I feel kind of stupid to take the t-rex down to the flying field when I have a Freya in can fly with, and when I didn’t have the Freya. I felt stupid anyway with the T-Rex. I am a nitro kind of guy.

The project for the winter is to buy a governor for the Freya and set it up.

Rebuilding Freya 90.

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I got the Time, Money and parts and the rebuild is on. I can’t believe that I can rebuild this helicopter, the first time everything was packed into small bags with numbers on, now everything is in one big mess and I need to find every little screw. Oh my god.

Well I have already started and if you take one page at a time you will be able to reassembly a helicopter. But one thing you need : lots of espresso

See the picture for documentation.

Final version of RC Earth

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Now I have finally invested time in improving the software design and upgraded to version 5 of Microsoft Virtual Earth, hop you can feel the load time improvement.

One of the changes that you maybe will discoverer is that the national site only loads the pins in the view of the map. This means that if you have a pushpin located outside of you country map you can’t see you pushpin on your national site. What you have to do is go to the world map, and then you can see all the pins in the world, unfortunately with a bit slower load time, but I think you will survive :)

On the RC front I have now ordered the Freya spare parts, and I am currently waiting for the delivery, and I would like to thank AdSence and YOU. For sponsoring some of the spare parts.

And look for the rebuild post of the Freya her, maybe you will find information you can use.

Thanks for supporting

New site updates and still no flying :(

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I have just made some updates on the layout of the main page hope you like it.
What can I say I am still grounded and overloaded with work, but in about 1½ month I am a free man, and I can start work on the Freya and hopefully start flying very soon after.

But another thing I have made is a small instruction site for the RC Earth (pilotlocator), here you can find the source code for making a cool link for you location, at this page and this is how it will look.

Now it happened !!!

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My big bird crashed on my, ”oh my heli”.

The annoying thing about this is that it was not my fault, or in a way it was, I was doing a inverted hover about 20 meter off the ground, and then the tail died, it just started spinning like hell I tried to auto it down but with no luck, so you see it was my fault, because I can’t do a inverted piro autorotation, STUPID ME. :(

I have been reading a bit on and it seem like the 9254 servo has some issues, I haven’t got time to check the servo yet, but if I find that the servo is the reason, FUTABA IS OUT.

And way is futaba out, well one think is a crash, and another i
s a crash because of mechanical failure, but even another thinks is a crash because of a mechanical failure right beside a lake in some mood. There is mood all over my bird, it is going to take a lot of time cleaning and assembling the heli again and that’s the worst par, yes it is going to cost some money too, but compared to the time I have to spend cleaning that heli it nothing, BAD futaba.
Check out the pictures, it’s a sad story.

Sorry I can’t show you the pictures from the crash site, my phone just lost them.
And here is a link to the thread about the bad futaba servos.
I will be back about the servo error !!
More pic

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