JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, first test flight

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You know the guy at your flying field there always seems to have problems and luck is not in his dictionary. I AM THAT GUY, with no luck :)

But i have learned to live with it :)

On the positive update, i got the Frenzy airborne and yes it flies nicely, here you can see below i made a small takeoff in my garden just to check the engine. The video is to boring this is just a screenshot of the video


That was a good start some days after i was heading to the flying field, well this day i would like to forget about this day, i flooded the engine resulting in the clutch coming loose, resulting in binding the clutch and no flight that day, as you can see from the pictures below, first day at the field bummer. But the Frenzy was easy to disassemble compared to the Freya.


Some days after i headed to the field again, a very windy day but hay no problem it a helicopter right. You can’t setup a gyro in hard wind but i could still get it up in the air, and i did it went well, i did some engine tuning and some gyro tuning, had some small tail wag but with some adjustment i was gone. While i am on the subject gyro setup let me show you a good link this is a QA from Spartan, very good information http://www.spartan-rc.com/support.php


But then the problem started, suddenly in a low upright flight the helicopter just started spinning very fast it is my luck that i am practicing piro maneuvers with the throttle hold i manage to land the helicopter without a scratch.

With some post flight inspection i discovered that the tail was stating to some off or the axis on the tail was. A lesson to all of you when you get a preassembled model check every screw on the model, i apparently missed two at the tail. As you can see from the pictures the two screws holding the tail axis was not placed correctly resulting in the tail sliding to one side and the helicopter doing aggressive piros.



Here you can follow the build process of the Frenzy 90 day by day, or night by night if you like:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2½
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 1

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Just got me a new helicopter, i sold the Hirobo Freya 90 to get a new and more 3D capable helicopter and from what i read the Frenzy is it. It is also a very cheap helicopter but it still seem like it is okay in quality. This is not the complete build thread, i have just started to build it, and i am a slow builder. Get back tomorrow the for some more build tips.

This i Day 1.
As you can see the box is boring no fancy cover, but i don’t care, as we say about the girls, it is what’s inside that counts :)

I got some advice to change the clutch linen, because the original is some sort of rubber, and i did that with a Raptor linen, check out the pictures. I headed the bell to get the old linen out. That is a good tip.

Check the rest of the pictures from today

Please stop with the snow

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Here in Denmark the snow just keeps coming, and it is driving me mad. Currently i haven’t got a helicopter, i have sold the Freya to get a new helicopter, haven’t got it yet, but more about that later. Here is a crash in snow not good for a electric helicopter.

Krunder has some good ideas for the winter flying, this is archived under winter accessories, Happy fingers from Krunder Aerospace.

Happy fingers from thepitchbrothers.com on Vimeo.

My last flight 2009

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This is a video of my last flight this year, my starter broke once more and for the first time in this hobby, i will not fly in the winter time, check out the video.

I think i will getting a new starter, i am not sure if i am going to get the new Align starter, it seem there are some fire issues as you can read here http://www.helifreak.com/showthread.php?t=153352 did you have issues with the new starter, leave a comment.

Comment on the video the style is sloppy, but hey my fingers was freezing, that is why my rainbows with a turn on the top gets messy, just a little tail input you mess it up for good. But considering that i was very insecure doing inverted forward flight at the beginning of this year, i am petty happy. This flight can get better next year :)

Slop in the tail

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I currently have some problems with my helicopter, my Freya, it is really my tail that i have some problems with.

When i do a fast backwards flight or with the tail on an angle into the flight direction, the tail is oscillating a bit, and that is not a good thing when i have a competition in a week.

I have found some slop in my tail link and i think it must be the slop that is course the oscillation, here you can see a video of the slop.

I fixed it with a lot of locktit, the green one, i hope i works time will tell.

Tail link slop

The video was inspirit by Mat from Canada, check out his video here very cool right :)

And here is Mat´s blog.