The Pitchbrothers Smackdown 2011

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Smackdown 2011 will be held on May 6 to 8 it is going to be even bigger this year.

Already PB Smack got pilots from Norway, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Lithuania, France, UK, USA and a few from Denmark coming this year. And there is still a few open entries available.

Remember this is a fun-fly every helicopter pilot are welcome.

The event is going to happen here

Check out the video from Pitchbrothers Smackdown 2010

And from Pitchbrothers Smackdown 2009

Smack IT all the time :)

Find more information here

Going for Pitchbrothers Smackdown

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Now the weekend is coming closer and i am going to the Pitchbrothers Smackdown in a FIAT 127 !!!!! Yep my Fiat is back on the road again after some huge investments it passed the vehicle approval test we have here in Denmark, now i can drive in it for two more years until the next approval test is up.

But being that the car was that expensive i figured what the heck, i am driving in the Fiat for the Pitchbrothers Smackdown, it is about 230 kilometers and that is a lot in a car where i just can get it to run 110Km/h and not a Km more. Wish me luck.

If you are one of the fellow pilot driving to the Smackdown and you see a car looking like this(pictures) at the side of the road, and you see a desperate guy standing beside the Fiat, the car is properly destroyed, please don’t hesitate to pick me and my helicopter up and get us to the Smackdown for a kick ass helicopter weekend.

Fiat 127 from 1976

Check out the cool aluminum rims :) from 1976 too. And you can see the cool sticker i have got made :) you can get some for free if you come to the Pitchbrothers Smackdown.

Fiat 127 from 1976 with alu rims

Fiat 127 from 1976 look at the speed

Full scale RC via bluetooth

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Check out this funny video, very cool. It some guys having too much time at the office playing around with a bluetooth phone and a RC Formula 1 car, resulting in a meeting with Lewis Hamilton! Watch the video, it is fun.

The video is fake :)

How to use an OS engine

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Just fund this funny and not very realistic advertisement from a university here in DK, the advertisement is about getting young people in to the universities. And here is one of the advertisements, it is suppose to be cool and hip and show how you can invent cool thinks. I just hope the young people applying to the university do not fly model plains, if they do this advertisement is funny.

Funny add from a university

Click the image to see the full advertisement (in Danish)

Fun with Phoenix RC simulator

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Sometimes you just have to have fun, and Phoenix is a great place to have fun.

Phoenix just downloaded the newest model a F16 airplane model. I have always been a bit impressed with the jet modelers out there. With their real RC models, because a jet is very fast, and you do not have any gliding option with a jet, if you don’t have any power you have a big problem a bit like a helicopter, but the jets are very expensive.

However, in Phoenix you can try you jet skills with no expense at all. In addition, I just did that, I found a funny glitch in Phoenix, as I wrote earlier all simulator have some glitches. The glitch I found is not a big problem, maybe it can be done in real life I do not know.

You can land the F16 inverted on the ground without crashing in Phoenix RC simulator, see the picture and the video.

Excuse the music, I was not aware that Fraps records the music I was playing at the time the flying was recorded, yep old school Hip Hop thats the style :)