Servo comparison Futaba VS TeamOrion

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I am ready to go test flight my new JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube, but it will not stop snowing, what to do when you can’t get out and fligh, test your gear.

I have some new servos, i have no idear about the new servos Team Orion VDS 1007, but they seem like they can handle some presure.

The specs for the Team Orion VDS 1007


  • Transit Time: 0.07sec
  • Torque: 10Kg (138.9oz/in)
  • Weight: 52.4g
  • Current Draw: 0.15A idle 2.6A under load
  • Dimensions: 40.3mm x 20mm x 37mm
  • Metal gear
  • Comparaison of Futaba S9252 vs Team Orion VDS 1007, check the video, they seem like they are fast. The test flight will show.

    Inside a Team Orion VDS 1007 servo.

    Team Orion VDS 1007
    Team Orion VDS 1007

    Build JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube, day 3

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    The heli is done, got the last ajustment done with the eletronics and it is now ready to fly. I had some problems fitting the govenor sensor and the caberator with the pump on the OS 91HZ-R engien, i move the sensor to the other site, i hope the muffler don’t get too hot and burn the wire.

    Other the that i was a fairly easy assembly, 3 night is in my world fast :)

    Now i am ready for the test fligt, it is starting to snow here :( keep a look out for a complete review on

    Here are some of the last pictures, for all the pictures go here


    And the final results

    JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 4

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    I would have liked this to be the last build day, but unfortunate for me it is not the case. I have mounted servo horns and made most of the setup, but currently I am trying to fit the governor sensor and figure out the GV-1 setup with the transmitter, I can’t get the RPMs on the Futaba 8FG to fit the RPMs in the GV-1.

    Look at all the pictures from the last days 4 here.

    I discovered another problem today, i recently got a new car, sold the old Fiat 127. But i have a problem with the new car :(
    Current build status:
    The next couple of days, I am doing non helicopter related stuff :(

    Just got a Futaba 8FG TX

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    I just sold my old Futaba FF9 35Mhz to get a new and improved Futaba 8FG 2,4Ghz. Why? i was the only guy at the file with an antenna, and if i would like to fly some electric powered helicopter in the future a 2,4 system is a must have. The new small electric helicopter are fun and my transmitter was one think holding me back.

    Back to the 8FG, a nice transmitter with a compacted design and a nice balanced transmitter. Some new features that i haven’t been using before like the virtual cyclic ring, a nice improvement in my opinion. I haven’t got the transmitter for that long but it seem like a good product and i am definitely looking forward to using it this season.

    Read my complete review here.


    Helibatic 2 is over

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    Well now Helibatic 2 2009 is over and I ended last position AGAIN, it is not a good year for me :) What can I say if you don’t practice you don’t win. That’s a lesson to you all.

    I was struck by a little bad luck, when I was in my free style flight I was trying to make a rainbow up against wind, and the engine lost power. It was in the last part of my flight and I end with a nice autorotation right in the circle. There was a lot of comment asking me if I didn’t have a governor installed, but the answer is yes I have a governor installed, but there was a small problem with the governor, see picture.

    governor sensor broken

    The sensor was broken off !!

    I have posted some pictures, most of them are from my friend Kurt, and he is still learning about his fancy camera that is why some of the pictures are dark :)