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What’s the worst that can happen when you fly in the winter season? Frozen fingers, that is your biggest enemy.

One solution is to sit in your car between flights, but then you have to have your car running! Or if you are fortunate to have a clubhouse at your field that’s heated, then you can get your fingers heated there.

But I don’t have that, I don’t even have a club house at the moment, and the car running is a waste of CO2.
The other day I found a solution, there exists some self heating pads, in combination with some good gloves you have warm fingers.

My solution is heating pad where I can bend some small metal plate inside it, then it heat for 30 minutes. And I can put them in my gloves, and use the gloves between flights. The heating pads I can boiled and reused 500 times.

Some picture of the winter accessories, it’s a cheap solution to.