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5 days 19 hours 2 minutes 2 seconds to the PB Smackdown, and this is going to be an excellent weekend, 170 pilot from all over the world and i am one of them. i am very excited and i expect to get some good cleat fun at the weekend like we always do at the PB Smack.

I haven’t been flying alot with my frenzy but i am sure that next weekend i will get some flight houres in the frenzy and maybe i will get time to finish my Frenzy review, yes i still owe you the rest of the review, i am sure it is going to be good grades for the Frenzy.

I am getting ready i got a tent, a chair, a sleeping back and i got the day off Friday i hope :)


Where the event is at, you can get the complete direction here
and the GPS coordinates: N 57 14.37 | E 9 55.537

Read more information at

Hope to see you at the PB Smackdown and if you don’t plan to fly come anyway.