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This is the last video I am going to make from the Pitchbrother Smackdown, it was a good event and I got a lot of good videos, se the links below fo the other posts with videos. Check the video at 1:40t se Lukas doing a piro-flip/Chaos where he just stops the tail for ½ a second, i looks very cool and it work very well when you watch it in real life.

The coming weekend I am going for the second event of the Danish Helibatic, I didn’t do much training and the plan was that I would fligh some practice flights this week, but guess what it is raining all the time, I hope the raining stops on Saturday. I do not expect any good results from my flights this weekend, but hay it is all about the fun in entering the competition…………. YEAH RIGHT :)

Going for Pitchbrothers Smackdown
Change of plans
Smackdown ended well
Norway at the SmackDown
Emil at the Smackdown
Morfar kicking, at the PB Smackdown
New videos from Pitchbrother Smackdown 2009

Emil at the Smackdown

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Emil aka “Fire starter” was at the Pitchbrother smackdown, he was doing some very cool flying like he did at the Helibatic competition, i think we can expect alot from Emil this year.

Emil did have some problems this weekend at the Smackdown, at one of his flights where he crashed his helicopter. When the helicopter was lying on the ground smoke started to come from it, and the regulator started to burn, hence the name Fire starter :)

Emil as the fire starter
Emil as the fire starter

On top of this Emil has just received a sponsorship from Hyperion

And here you can see some of the cool flying from Emil, by the way the engine is not running lean, it is electric :)

This is Emil theme song, Firestarter by Prodigy

Last videos from Helibatic 1

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Here are the last videos from Helibatic one, i have only embed on video, the BEST, the rest are YouTube link, my site gets to slow when I have a lot of embedded YouTube videos in the post. But you can still see the videos just click the links.

The only embedded video is with Mark4D I guess there is a reason he is called 4D :) but still nice flying. He fixed his helicopter all night and it was ready the next day for some cool flying.

The rest of the videos

Christopher flying at the helibatic 1 2009

Emil flying at Helibatic 1 2009

Andreas flying at the Helibatic 1 2009

Martin flying at Helibatic 1 2009

Kenneth flying at Helibatic 1 2009

Torben flying at Helibatic 1 2009

Søren flying at Helibatic 1 2009 (winner)

Kim flying at Helibatic 1 2009

Klaus flying at Helibatic 1 2009

Sebastian flying at Helibatic 1 2009

Martin flying at Helibatic 1 2009

For the first videos from this event check this post

First videos from Helibatic 1 2009

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Here are some of the videos from Helibatic 1, I have more video, her you just get some of them.

Sebastian is test flying his helicopter after 3 crashes the day before(Friday), yep 3 crashes, it looks like it is working fine:

A video from the competition with Krunder:

A video from the competition with Kim:

A video from the competition with Klaus:

Helibatic 1 2009

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Well I didn’t really get time to write live over the weekend as my initial thoughts was, but here is an update about what happened over the weekend. Friday night was really a buzz killer for me, my sleeping bag was way too cold and I did have difficult catching heat all night in my tent. But some of the fellow pilot invited me to stay at their house for the next night, and there I seeped like a baby.

Flying was really nice, everybody was talking about they didn’t had had any opportunity to practice and that they where feeling inexperienced and unready, but despite that the flying was awesome and most of the news pilot was flying great.
There was 28 pilots attending in all classes, and that is very good compared to the size of the country. I end last in 3D sports class what a bummer, I was not good I had problems with my flying and problems with my helicopter and some very bad weeks up to the competition with no preparation didn’t help me do the flying any better, but there is one good thing about it, it can only get better for me in 2009.

Here are some pictures, which are the only pictures my, camera ran out of power(back to preparation). But I will post some videos later or some of the coming days, subscribe to my feed to keep you self updated. There is some nice flying videos on my camera coming soon.

Local TV station stopped by

helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures