3D Masters 2009

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3D masters is this weekend, and for us there is not down there in Spain we can only wait for the videos to get online :(

But until the video’s is online we can practice one the flight maneuvers, check this link http://www.fly3dx.com/setManoeuvres.htm there you can see the complete list of all the maneuvers. But the great think about this list of maneuvers is the video attached to every maneuver, that way you can see a video of all the different maneuvers.

Check this Pie Dish maneuver http://www.fly3dx.com/manoeuvres2009/05-PieDish.wmv

This year we have 3 Danish pilot in the 3D masters
you can find the complete list of competitors here http://www.3dmasters.org.uk/2009entrants.htm

I am personally looking forward to see Tareq al Saadi, there has been a lot of hype about him on the internet and he can do some cool flying, and as you can read from the interview in Helista Magazine he is really ready for the 3D master competition :)

Check out a video from Tareq with a D3 Turbulence Hirobo

Slop in the tail

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I currently have some problems with my helicopter, my Freya, it is really my tail that i have some problems with.

When i do a fast backwards flight or with the tail on an angle into the flight direction, the tail is oscillating a bit, and that is not a good thing when i have a competition in a week.

I have found some slop in my tail link and i think it must be the slop that is course the oscillation, here you can see a video of the slop.

I fixed it with a lot of locktit, the green one, i hope i works time will tell.

Tail link slop

The video was inspirit by Mat from Canada, check out his video here very cool right :)

And here is Mat´s blog.

One week!

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One week before I am going to travel to the local competition Helibatic here in Denmark, and my helicopter is not flying!!! Last time I was out flying was a week ago, my clutch broke. When I tried to remove the hex starter from my Freya to get the engine and the clutch out, the screw in the hex starter was ripped and I was unable to get it off.

The dead screw

The only solution was to drill it out that combined with holidays here in DK where the stores are not open, and me missing some sharp drills resulted in a week of frustration and anger. I hate when stuff like this compromises my flight time and a week before my first competition this year.
Not a good start.

Picture of the broken clutch

Broken clutch

Amazing video

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RCHeliResource.com have been around for a while, and I am a frequent visitor on their site, some of the information I can use and some of it I can’t, but what I always like about the site is the high quality of their graphics. I am amazed with all the cool pictures and all the great video, just watch this teaser video for the 2009 Align Las Vegas Ultimate Competition, seeing this video is make my finger itch, and reminds me that the season is about to begin, and I just can’t wait to get out there and fly the shit out of my Freya.

Check out the video

Inside a muffler

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Have you ever wondered how a muffler works, and how it looks inside?

Well I have, first I look on the internet to find some information on how it works, I found this useful information How a muffler works
. Then I thought! how about a muffler for my nitro engine how does that looked like inside. Luck has it that I had an old Funtech muffler that I did throw in the garbage can, and now I could find out how it looked inside.

Here is a RC Helicopter muffler cut right over. You can see how the air is traveling in the muffler.

Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler

That is how a muffler looks like inside.

I was out flying with my new Hatori muffler the other day. There is a better noise reduction compare to the Funtech muffler, The Hatori is a bit longer then Funtech.
The construction of the Hatori seem better, I did not even have to tighten the mount screws after my flights with a newly mounted Hatori muffler. That’s a first.

Then I removed some weights from my paddles, it is amazing how responsive a Freya 90 Evo can be. :)