Got me a Hatori muffler 938

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After long time of waiting I finally got around to buy a new muffler for my Freya 90, I have heard many good things about the Hatori, and that is what I will try out now. I just got the time to mount it and did not get around flying: I am waiting for better weather and better health, right now I am on medication.

However, the Hatori muffler is bigger compared to the Funtech I had on before. See picture

My new hatori muffler on my Freya 90

For the first time I ordered my RC Helicopter stuff from outside Denmark I only did that because the “local” hobby shop didn’t have the Hatori on stock and then I tried I am very happy with them good service and quick delivery, and a small chocolate. However, it wasn’t cheaper than my Danish shop sorry to say.

Here is a small warning I have bought some fuel shutoff clamp and they just do not work if you consider buying them DO NOT. The construction is too cheap and I would not consider using them on any helicopter. See picture. It was not a big investment but why sell/produce something that is just not working, or working badly any way.

A defect Fuel clamp from K&S

Welcome to Helista! Magazine

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A new RC helicopter magazine. Are there room for one more you may ask. ?

The Answer is yes, this magazine is going to focus on small electric helicopters it seem, and that’s definitely an area there needs more focus, with the Gaui 200 and the new T-rex 250 coming soon that’s definitely an interesting magazine, and most of all it FREE. It can get any better.

The magazine started with some people playing around with the idea of making a magazine, and then the ball started rolling, and the result is great, I especially like the interview with Bert Kammerer and his Gaui 200. That is a good interview, properly because I agree with his advice on how to learn 3D

Finally, I like the logo, what a cool logo.

The new Helista Magazin logo

Good luck guys. I hope you find it rewarding to write about your hobby.

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