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Just got the new Nokia 6700/6300 classic. When I get a new phone I like to give it a personal touch.
For some time I have working on an idea. The idea was to make a RC Helicopter theme for my phone, most of all because I haven’t been able to find any RC Helicopter related phone theme anywhere, I am guessing that I am not the only one interested in a RC Helicopter theme for the Nokia 6700/6300 Series.

I have tested the theme on my Nokia 6700/6300, but I think you can use it on other Nokia series too, check it out yourself, and post a comment if it is working on another Nokia series.

Here are some shoots of the background:

Here is a teaser the SMS message sound HERE

I have already had a funny episode with the new ringtone, I was cycling with my kids in our residential area, and I was thinking who the hell is flying an RC heli here, insane!. When I realized it was my phone ringing!!! The new theme is working great.

You can download the theme here: Nokia 6700 Classic RC Helicopter theme

Just created this theme for the Nokia 6300 series, you can get it here: Nokia 6300 RC Helicopter theme

You need the Nokia PC Suite to install it on your phone