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Sometimes you just have to have fun, and Phoenix is a great place to have fun.

Phoenix just downloaded the newest model a F16 airplane model. I have always been a bit impressed with the jet modelers out there. With their real RC models, because a jet is very fast, and you do not have any gliding option with a jet, if you don’t have any power you have a big problem a bit like a helicopter, but the jets are very expensive.

However, in Phoenix you can try you jet skills with no expense at all. In addition, I just did that, I found a funny glitch in Phoenix, as I wrote earlier all simulator have some glitches. The glitch I found is not a big problem, maybe it can be done in real life I do not know.

You can land the F16 inverted on the ground without crashing in Phoenix RC simulator, see the picture and the video.

Excuse the music, I was not aware that Fraps records the music I was playing at the time the flying was recorded, yep old school Hip Hop thats the style :)