Okay first flight

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Made it to the flying field today, great. It was cold and windy but the Frenzy was airborne and got 3 flight don. After the first full tank i re-tighten the tail belt it was a little lose, perfectly normal after first flight with a new helicopter.
I did run into another problem with the heli, it was not related to the Frenzy but the engine.
When i was flying IDL2 and did some fast flying the engine started to get very hot and started to lean out, but it is properly because i had set my governor a little to high in IDL2.
I have been concidering for some time if i should get the Align Super Starter, as you can see but i have not been 100% sure that it was a good starter for a 91 engine in the cold winters here in Denmark.

I then decided to fix my old starter, the new Frenzy has a one-bearing in the starter shaft that was great new, because my old starter wand one-way was broke. I mounted a new starter wand and two lipos on the side resulting in great power for the starter engine.
In combination with my new glow plug starter i can walk to the flight line and start my engine and not in the pilot area with my starter box. See pictures with my new starter and my glow plug starter with a meter on.

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, first test flight

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You know the guy at your flying field there always seems to have problems and luck is not in his dictionary. I AM THAT GUY, with no luck :)

But i have learned to live with it :)

On the positive update, i got the Frenzy airborne and yes it flies nicely, here you can see below i made a small takeoff in my garden just to check the engine. The video is to boring this is just a screenshot of the video


That was a good start some days after i was heading to the flying field, well this day i would like to forget about this day, i flooded the engine resulting in the clutch coming loose, resulting in binding the clutch and no flight that day, as you can see from the pictures below, first day at the field bummer. But the Frenzy was easy to disassemble compared to the Freya.


Some days after i headed to the field again, a very windy day but hay no problem it a helicopter right. You can’t setup a gyro in hard wind but i could still get it up in the air, and i did it went well, i did some engine tuning and some gyro tuning, had some small tail wag but with some adjustment i was gone. While i am on the subject gyro setup let me show you a good link this is a QA from Spartan, very good information http://www.spartan-rc.com/support.php


But then the problem started, suddenly in a low upright flight the helicopter just started spinning very fast it is my luck that i am practicing piro maneuvers with the throttle hold i manage to land the helicopter without a scratch.

With some post flight inspection i discovered that the tail was stating to some off or the axis on the tail was. A lesson to all of you when you get a preassembled model check every screw on the model, i apparently missed two at the tail. As you can see from the pictures the two screws holding the tail axis was not placed correctly resulting in the tail sliding to one side and the helicopter doing aggressive piros.



Here you can follow the build process of the Frenzy 90 day by day, or night by night if you like:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2½
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, finished

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The final day of building the Frenzy 90 and i must say that i am impressed, it seem like it is good quality and my overall impression of the build is good, i had to do some minor adjustments but nothing a Dremel can’t handle. 5 night to do a complete build and setup.

I got +-11 degree pitch.

I will do a complete review when i have had the change to fly it.

Here are some of the modifications i had to make.

I rounded the corners at the base of my SAB blades, the corners was prevent the blades to be folded back for transportation. And i added some shims tog get a better fit of the blades, see pictures. And i have tried to fit the antenna.

For the rest of the pictures go here.


Check out the nice antenna solution i have made, i hope it lasts.

Goodnight, getting ready to test flight tomorrow i hope.

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 3

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The build is going well, i just got the servos, receiver and the governor installed, just started up seeing every thing moving. Then i started to setup up on the transmitter i got 5 minutes and the batters need recharging that a sign that i need to go to bed. Tomorrow final setup and servo horn mount and then i am ready to go.

Pictures from today, for all the build pictures go here


JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, got the ring

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Okay Klaus is currently my best buddy :) he just delivered the main mast lock ring, great service. Current beer status Tim minus 1, Klaus plus 1, Now i can get on with the build project and hopefully i am ready to fly one of the next couple of days.