Bert flying with on-board camera

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Here is a really cool video showing Bert Kammerer flying around with a on-board camera, I guess it shows why a real helicopter can not perform the same tricks as a RC Helicopter, the pilot would become violently ill.

It’s great to see how productive RC nerds are here early in the year, they’ve waited all winter to get on the wings. :)

Bert smacking the vBar 5.1

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Bert Kammerer is showing a demo of the new flybarless version from Mikado, the vBar 5.1, now you can simulator a flybar ! why don’t you just get a real flybar :)

I guess i will not know till i try a flybarless system, that day will probably come, but for now check out Bert doing a nice demo here.

Free episode of SmackTalk R/C

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Yes we got the chance to see some SmackTalk for free, after i asked for a free episode of SmackTalk we got it :) it is Christmas.

No talk just watch, it is in 4 episodes:

Go to for more clips.

New remote glow-plug

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Bert Kammerer´s review of the new remote glow-plug SwitchGlo Pro i am thinking that would be a nice add-on in combination with the new align starter i was thinking about getting. I am already starting on the list for Christmas.

Check out Bert´s review here

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Welcome to Helista! Magazine

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A new RC helicopter magazine. Are there room for one more you may ask. ?

The Answer is yes, this magazine is going to focus on small electric helicopters it seem, and that’s definitely an area there needs more focus, with the Gaui 200 and the new T-rex 250 coming soon that’s definitely an interesting magazine, and most of all it FREE. It can get any better.

The magazine started with some people playing around with the idea of making a magazine, and then the ball started rolling, and the result is great, I especially like the interview with Bert Kammerer and his Gaui 200. That is a good interview, properly because I agree with his advice on how to learn 3D

Finally, I like the logo, what a cool logo.

The new Helista Magazin logo

Good luck guys. I hope you find it rewarding to write about your hobby.

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