Mikado Logo XXtreme smack

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This video is very cool it is Kyle Dahl smacking the new Mikado Logo XXtreme around and this is some serious smack, this Mikado receives.

Kyle is a very good pilot and a very good helicopter it seems to, i am almost convinced that i very soon need to go electric :)

Mikado Logo XXtreme RAW from Perry Kavros on Vimeo.

German Helimasters 2010 F3N

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German Helimasters was this weekend, sorry to say i was not there, but I will consider it next year just as a spectator and photographer, it seems like a good event and some of the very good pilots do attend this event.

But you have to see some of the videos from German Helimasters 2010. And for the final results look here

Flight to music overall first place, Eric Webber

Flight to music overall second place, Kyle Dahl

What flight is the best flight ? leave your comment

Pre results masters class

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This is the 5 pilots in the finals, it isn’t the final results we still need the freestyle flight for the final position.

Kyle Dahl

Daniel Katzav

Nick Maxwell

Luigi Fungi

Dominik Haegele

Now we are waiting for the final flight




Kyle Dahl af XFC 2010

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Check out this great flight from Kyle Dahl at the XFC 2010, Kyle is this years winner and for good reason it seems, it is truly a great flight and different flight from what you see from some of the other professionals. I like the maneuverer a 2:09 where i fly’s up and then fly’s back like it is rewinding looks great.